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Fall into Fall Trends

Posted on Aug 21st, 2013

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Haiku moment….

”Autumn has arrived,

Embarrassed leaves tell their age,

By fainting at night.”

-Cynthia Dite Sirni….9th grade

What is it about autumn that makes people just feel….cozy? Cooler nights and bright blue sunshine make us feel both energized and nostalgic. The color trends this year fall right into line with the beauty of the season. We’re going to see less of the screaming neon colors and more of the muted, deep, blurred colors of fall. Think Pumpkin patch, Chrysanthemum yellow, rusted gray iron gates, deep slate blues and rich deep browns.

Each of these colors, while they appear to be season specific, is actually a pseudo-neutral. They can be paired with not only each other, but also with the colors opposite on the color wheel. (This is where that beautiful look of color blocking comes into play. Watch for the dresses coming this season)!

To get yourself into the spirit of the season is really simple. Buy yourself a new bag. That’s my answer to just about every problem. But this time, I really mean it. There are new color lines coming out for fall that are rich and lush. Choose one in a warm color, like a burnt sienna orange or a rich deep mustard color. You will be absolutely amazed at how these seemingly “un-matchy” colors will blend seamlessly with articles of clothing you already own.

Animal prints continue to be hot, especially when they are paired with unexpected cool colors. My favorite combination has been leopard print shoes with cool green and navy blue stripes. (I know right? It works though)! I would venture to say if you were only going to buy one pair of shoes this season…I got that out without laughing myself off the chair, I would say to get a leopard print. Treat them as you would a simple black heel and watch how suddenly your entire look is ramped up to uber-cool cosmopolitan chic. It will work with jeans, skirts, tights and dresses. Add your new fab bag and you are ready for fall. I can’t help you with the leaves though. I’ll ruin my shoes.